Top 5 Smart Home Products You Should Buy in 2017

Top 5 Smart Home Products You Should Buy in 2017

We all like wireless home products. Smart home is a popular category that takes place in almost every corner of our life. From parties with smart lighting to advanced security systems with wireless cameras, the market is full of incredible gadgets that are worth discovering and purchasing. In this article, we’ve compiled the list of the top 5 smart home products that we believe are worth your money in 2017.

Number 1: Amazon Echo

This sharp virtual assistant is a must-have device for a modern family. It will help you automate the environment by offering a multitude of voice services that will make your life much easier. Whether you need to answer a phone call without touching your smartphone or you want to turn music on remotely by using your voice only, Amazon Echo is there to help you.

Number 2: Nest Cam

This tiny security camera records videos and is WiFi-controlled. It films videos in 1080p (HD). In addition, this device offers several different modes. It also has a smoke detector.

Number 3: Smart Light System

Smart bulbs come in different shapes and prices. However, all of them have one main thing in common – they are controlled by the apps via WiFi.

Number 4: Smart Air Conditioner

Tado Smart Temperature Control is a hub that sends infrared commands, which allows you to control the environment. You can also adjust the temperature based on location and optimize energy.

Number 5: Smart Lock

There is nothing wrong with a regular lock. However, for those who already have Amazon Echo and Smart Light System, a smart lock is a progressive next step. Smart locks make your life easier. All you need to do is tap on the lock, and it opens. Send electronic keys to your family members and friends. This will solve the once-chronic problem of losing your keys.