The times when The Dolphins Gave Back

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The Miami Dolphins have had their fair share of ups and downs over the last decade. Whether it was losing seasons or team controversy, the Dolphins could not hit the tabloids on a positive note. That is until they hosted their annual flag football Special Olympics event. Special Olympic athletes had the opportunity to compete against the newest members of the Miami Dolphins rookie class.

The Dolphins Facility

Dozens of Special Olympic athletes took the field at the Dolphins facility. Teams were formed and touchdowns were scored. Athletes on both sides of the ball were showcasing their skills. They were following the blockers, catching passes, and finding the end zone. The new guests to the facility showed their true passion for the game and love of adventure. One athlete was asked whether or not he liked football, “Over my life” he responded.

For the last decade, the Miami Dolphins have been a team struggling to win and survive in the competitive National Football League. Last season, the team showed some potential, finishing the season with a 4-3 record against teams that made the playoffs, with victories against Indianapolis, Cincinnati, San Diego and New England and losses against New Orleans, New England, and Carolina. Unfortunately, this progress was then marred by team controversy and reports of bullying.

The Dolphins and Publicity

The Dolphins are not the only team gaining publicity for all of the wrong reasons. Headlining stories involving the entire league lately have been anything but positive. Between the ongoing discussion of head injuries and players’ suspensions for drug use, it’s hard to find the good the NFL has to offer. The Miami Dolphins showed that amongst all of the trouble surrounding the league lately, teams are still able to give back to the community. NFL athletes serve as inspiring role models to the youth. Kids interested in playing football want to grow up and follow in their footsteps. Steven Clark, a hometown boy from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and part of the Miami Dolphins rookie class said, “The opportunity to give back to my community now as a professional athlete is priceless.”

Hopefully, the rest of the NFL can make note of what Clark and the rest of the Dolphins have done recently and understood the influence they have on the young population of America.