9gag Best Meme: Top 3 Best Memes of All Time

Laughter is what heals problems and makes people appreciate their lives. To achieve the pinnacle of fun and laughter, we often turn to sites like 9gag and look through the list of funny memes there. Let us review the top 3 best memes on 9gag.

Number 1 Best Meme on 9gag: “Strawberries” by Raw Navi

Strawberries is a funny song performed by the Internet phenomenon Raw Navi. Plainly stupid and ridiculously unusual, the track has generated some decent buzz on 9gag and YouTube.

Number 2 Best Meme on 9gag: Doggo Just Wants His Meal

In this GIF, the cameraman tries to prank a little puppy by offering it some meat and then rejecting the offer. The act gets repeated several times until the puppy’s mother stops the man from the action, taking the food away from the man’s hand and placing it into the puppy’s bowl. The video looks ridiculously funny.

Number 3 Best Meme on 9gag: What Could Go Wrong Taking Your Dog Snowboarding?

While watching this video, the majority of you might experience an ambivalent feeling. On the one hand, it is so funny that one might pee one’s pants, and on the other hand, it is harrowing to watch a living creature tumble down a hill.

In the video, a man is filming his dog struggling to walk next to him on a snow-covered slope; the dog is trekking through semi-soft snow while the man is trying to snowboard down the mountain. In the middle of the journey, he sees his dog helplessly rolling down the snow-covered hill at a distance.

Memes have existed for many years (even before the concept of the Internet). People have noticed and spread unique ideas among each other since long ago. Laughter is a part of our human nature, and it will always be. Thank you, 9gag, for keeping the records.

9gag Best Meme: Top 3 Best Memes of All Time