New iPad Pro Can Replace Your Computer

In his trip to the UK to promote the new iPad Pro Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, Tim Cook revealed that travels without a Macbook. With the iPad Pro starting to ship out starting this week, Cook has been giving open conferences that discuss the devices’ new features and those of its accessories.


The new iPad Pro, with a 12.9″ display, can run two full sized iPad Air apps side by side. The larger screen can fit a full sized keyboard on its touchscreen and it supports Apple’s iOS 9 Split View. The device’s A9X chip makes it faster than desktop processors and can tun graphics twice as fast. Another accessory is the Smart Keyboard, which attaches seamlessly to the device and allows for easy navigation.

The new iPad Pro is the perfect cross between an iPad and a Macbook, and being marketed as such, this new gadget is sure to catch the attention of many, especially Apple device enthusiasts.

Some resellers are already taking preorders for the device, which will surely take over the gadget market for the rest of the year. Just in time for the holiday season, Apple is sure to rake in considerable profit come Black Friday and Christmas with the iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil and Apple Watch in all retailers that sell them.