Vegan Perfumes: Everything You Need to Know

Veganism is booming around the world, which is why there are more and more brands that raise new values ​​and are interested in making vegan products. Such is the case in the perfume industry. Many perfumers have initiated the path of sustainability, veganism, and ecology, and have proposed to make products committed to these ideals.

Opting to elaborate this type of product involves contributing to the environment, avoiding pollution, and respecting resources. Such is the case of Dossier, a company dedicated to the elaboration of perfumes from an approach like the one we have mentioned. Its fragrances are vegan, eco-friendly, and made with 100% non-toxic and cruelty-free products.

Dossier offers a wide selection of women perfume, men’s, and also unisex, and one of its many values ​​and pillars is that the products are vegan. But, what exactly does it mean that a perfume is vegan? In this article, we will see everything that implies so that you understand everything related to this new world.

Vegan Perfumes: What Are They?

Vegan perfumes are those fragrances that are made only with natural ingredients and that do not come from animals or their derivatives.

In the perfume industry, many ingredients of animal origin used to be used, which were fundamental for the elaboration of fragrances, such as gray amber, a secretion of the intestines of the sperm whale, or the bee wax.

Even though little by little, these types of products have been decreasing in the elaboration of perfumes, they are still used. However, not all the perfume companies use them, since many plead the values ​​of veganism.

Another important point of vegan products is that they cannot be tested on animals. Vegan products are respectful of animal life, and therefore do not admit that quality tests are done on any living being.

Veganism is being established as a way of life and not just as a passing trend, which is why companies have adapted to it. This philosophy of life rejects the use of animals, either as raw material or in the tests of the final products.

What Are Conventional Perfumery Products That Are Not Admitted in Vegan Perfumes?

In addition to the ingredients that are used in perfumes to give strength and body to fragrances, products such as solvents, alcohol, and fixatives are also added; these are responsible for making the aroma of the perfume last once it is sprayed.

These fixatives are usually of animal origins, such as castoreum, which is extracted from the glands of the beavers, or the musk, which is listed from the glands of the Almisclero deer. Of course, vegan perfumes reject all these products and are responsible for replacing them with other formulas.

Animal-derived fixers have been supplanted by resinous resources, essential oils, or synthetic products. However, the negative point is that the chemical compounds that these fixers entail can be toxic. But companies that elaborate premium vegan perfumes are responsible for eliminating these dangerous chemicals, such as phthalates and benzoates.

The Dossier perfumes are vegan products of premium quality and guaranteed to be free of phthalates and benzoates, choosing to use natural paths. If you are looking for a vegan and premium-quality women’s perfume, Dossier has everything you need.

What Are the Advantages of Vegan Perfumes?

Vegan products are increasingly common in our society because they are sustainable and much more environmentally respectful products.

Vegan perfumes are an option to avoid the indiscriminate use of animals in their elaboration and testing processes. Its formulas are respectful of life and the ecosystem. In addition, vegan products are usually accompanied by a concept of reuse, which raises the elaboration of packaging with recycled materials. In this way, those who manufacture these types of products contribute to the decrease in waste and therefore to the decrease in pollution. Vegan products are usually also ecological since they are values ​​that go hand in hand.

Vegan Perfume Is Not the Same as Cruelty-Free Perfumes

These two concepts do not mean the same, although they are similar, we must differentiate them since each one implies different things.

Vegan perfumes are those that are made with ingredients that are not of animal origin or their derivatives. While cruelty-free perfumes are those that do not use animals for their tests.

It happens that a cruelty-free perfume may contain ingredients of animal origin (although it is illogical). Therefore, a cruelty-FREE perfume is not necessarily vegan, while a vegan perfume is cruelty-free.