Top 3 Most Recent Stress and Pain Relief Gadgets

Top 3 Most Recent Stress and Pain Relief Gadgets Clapway

Everyone, one time or another, is going to experience stress and pain in their life. Nobody likes being stressed out, but sometimes situations become too much for people. The great news is technology has worked on making this a non-issue.


The first gadget on our list is the Prana. This is a wearable device and its main purpose is to improve the overall quality of people’s breathing. As people know, the greatest defense to stress and pain is proper breathing. Well, Prana will measure a person’s posture, breathing patterns, and diaphragmatic breathing and will act accordingly. This device will include a clip that is designed to fit on a person’s waistband, a wireless charging base for the device, and also a mobile app that will guide the user.

Top 3 Most Recent Stress and Pain Relief Gadgets Clapway


Next on our list is the Quell, and this product is a 100 percent drug-free device. Quell is actually inspired by the technology that is used in doctor’s offices. A very slim design has been implemented, as well as OptiTherapy which will automatically adjust. The best part about this device, besides helping stress and pain levels, is that it is doctor recommended. They are not always correct, but most of the times if a doctor suggests something it should be trusted.


The WellBe concludes our list, and it may be the best out of the bunch. This is a digital bracelet, and it monitors a person’s stress and pain level based on location, people you meet, and time. After it does this, WellBe will suggest a variety of meditation exercises. Basically, this device has built-in monitoring sensors that will monitor the person’s heart every three minutes. There is an app that accompanies the WellBe, and it will do all of the work for you. Stress and pain are never good, but these devices should help immensely.