iPhone 7 Tech Devices: 4 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy

iPhone 7 Tech Devices: 4 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

Apple’s iPhone 7 will be a wonderful product on its own. That being said, there are a wealth of devices out there that will hep your device function at its highest possible level. Here are just four of them.


The SOSPENDO is a wearable support device for Apple iPhone. It helps keep your arms free while you muck about doing various odd jobs. The device allows you to adjust your devices in a variety of fashions. Whether you’re lying in bed watching Netflix, reading an article on the train or talking to your ex-girlfriend on Skype, SOSPENDO can help maximize comfort.


Coffee tables are great and all, but sometimes they’re just too far away. With SOTA laser cut sofa arm table, you can have your coffee and electronic devices easily withing arms reach. The best part of SOTA is arguably the phone stand. An Apple iPhone can easily fit upright so you can use your device hands-free.


For those that have always wanted to become a cyborg, this might just be your best chance. HIODY is a Bluetooth enabled hoodie that plays music. That’s right, you can have a musically-infused hoodie that hooks up to your Apple iPhone. Look good and sound good all at the same time thanks to  HIODY’s powerful speaker system and high-quality fabric. Listen to your favorite songs at the dinner table, in class or at work without anyone even knowing.


Since you already have a technology infused hoodie, you’re going to want some jewelry to go along with it. The Ringly Bluetooth Smart Ring notifies users when they get a notification on their Apple iPhone. It’s a fashionable device that looks good and helps you out in the day to day functions. Sometimes pulling our your phone in public to check a text is impolite and inconvenient. With the Ringly Smart Ring, it’s possible to keep your device in your pocket while you work on closing that big business deal.