Get Inside My Head

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You’re sitting at a poker table. Mark Wahlberg of the Funky Bunch to your left, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit to your right. You look down at your cards, pocket aces, you look up and your eyes meet with the man siting across from you, it’s Morgan Freeman.

“You gonna play that hand boy?” he says.

You try to speak but no words come out. Morgan Freeman places a steel revolver on the table.

“Well go on, fuck with me, I dare you.” He says.

Nervously, you push your chips all in.

“Oh the kids got balls!” Fred Durst shouts.

“I’m confused.” Says Mark Wahlberg.

“We know your confused Mark you’re always either concerned or confused, what’s happening is that this punk thinks he can play poker. Well I’m about to show him what’s good,” Morgan Freeman explained.

Things are about to get heated; here comes the flop, the river, and the turn. Morgan Freeman picks up the gun-

Abruptly, you wake up for this adventure was all a dream. Have you ever had a dream when you feel as if you can control the outcome? It’s not uncommon; this trend is called lucid dreams. A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. There are great mysteries surrounding the act of dreaming, Translating Dreams, is looking to decipher the cause of the dreams we have.

Translating Dreams is trying to explore the universe inside of our mind. One way they will do this is by translating the world’s very first book on lucid dreaming: Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them: Practical Observations (1867), by Frenchman Marquis d’Hervey de Saint-Denys. They also plan on creating an entirely new book, written by their author Daniel Love. This second book will contain contribution from a variety of today’s foremost lucid dreaming experts.

Dreams can go much deeper than what you see; each object visible in your dream may have an entire meaning behind it. These new books will open our eyes to a whole new way of deciphering what we see in our dreams.

I have some serious concerns about you if you actually see Fred Durst in your dreams.

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