Hot Dogging: Simon Dumont

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I want to say freestyle skiing is an extreme sport, but I feel like the word “extreme” doesn’t do it justice. Whether it’s the big air, slopestyle, big mountain, or halfpipe event, the risk of injury trying to nail that competition-winning trick is always there. Simon Dumont knows a thing or two about winning competitions, and falling hard. A severely bruised heel, broken wrists, ruptured spleen, torn knee ligaments, a shattered pelvis, these are just a few of the injuries freestyle skiing celebrity Simon Dumont has had to overcome.

When talking about halfpipe skiing, you can’t leave a name like Simon Dumont out of the discussion. He’s been skiing since he could walk and turned pro at the age of 13. Dumont is the current record holder for highest air on the quarter pipe has won 10 medals including two gold’s at the Winter X Games over the past decade. He also won a third gold in the Big Air competition.

Unfortunately, Dumont’s career has been continuously derailed by injuries. Most notably when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament while competing for a spot in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Dumont had surgery on the knee in January; it was his sixth surgery in the past 18 months. He’s been known for his toughness and perseverance, once finishing an X Games competition with a broken wrist and a broken hand. However, the latest string of injuries was a tough pill to swallow.

“I finally felt like I could win the Olympics,” he said. “Then for something like this to happen, it was just like how many more times can I keep coming back from this? It’s starting to wear on me.”

Dumont revolutionized the game of halfpipe skiing. He soared higher than any other skier dared to go, pushing the limits to a whole new level. When skiers finally got on board with the new elevation, he stayed ahead of the curve by mastering the double cork, a trick few skiers felt comfortable even attempting. What’s next for Dumont? It’s possible he will be back in time for the Winter X Games. He also said he would like to get involved in other aspects of freeskiing, such as broadcasting or filming.

Off the snow, Dumont spends time working on his glove line, Empire Attire. He also hosts an annual ski competition in his home state of Maine called the Dumont Cup. He created the event to help showcase some of the greatest amateur skiers New England has to offer.

Best of luck to which ever adventure you embark on next Simon Dumont.