Winter In Antarctica

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Winter Vinecki is one determined young girl. She is a celebrity among athletes and charities. The story of her adventure across this bright world of ours is inspiring and amazing. She deserves the recognition she gets, and I hope she gets more. She is one tough chick.

She’s the youngest person to run a marathon on every continent. Every continent, an that includes Antarctica. On March 30, 2013, she crossed the finish line after a 26.2 mile run in just under five hours. I don’t need to tell you that Antarctica is a strange place to run, just look at this video of the frozen wasteland.

A pearly land owned by the penguins and seals. It is beautiful, no doubt, but truly treacherous as well.

Winter Vinecki was motivated to face such a large undertaking by her father’s death from testicular cancer when she was nine. She is a talented child, currently training for the 2018 olympics as an aerial skier, and it’s does the heart good to see her putting her skills to such worthy work. She formed Team Winter to help fight testicular cancer. Her marathon running on every continent in the globe, joined by her mother for each run, was part of that cause.

Did I mention she attends classes online at Satnford University’s high school. She was just honored by the Massachusets General Hospital Cancer Center as one of The One Hundred Honorees. They don’t hand that out lightly, folks.

Her most difficult run wasn’t Antarctica, but probably the Inca Trail Marathon in Machu Picchu, which is widely recognized as the toughest marathon run. However, I’m still floored by her running Antarctica. The ice! The Ice!

Imagine the blistering cold. The overwhelming white that seeps into every angle of sight. The rock, which is shaped jagged and coarse from ice and water. The bloodthirsty penguins swooping down slopes, gunning for your eyeballs and jugular. Well, maybe not that, but it’s a hard run. Of course, anyone who is preparing to be an aerial skier and is named Winter, must be prepared for a little snow and ice.