Sasha DiGiulian: A Dominant Climber

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People have partaken in rock climbing since the dawn of time. One can only assume cavemen challenged each other to peak the highest and toughest climbs in order to decide who is the true alpha male of the group. Today, rock climbing is an extreme sport adventure that continues to grow in popularity. The thrill of danger and the satisfaction of completing a challenge few can overcome are just two of the reasons why more and more people strap into their harnesses and climb. It takes a special type of person to put their lives on the line for the sport, sometimes hanging on by just a fingertip, take Female Overall World Champion Sasha DiGiulian for example.

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Climbing celebrity Sasha DiGiulian is a professional represented by the International Federation of Sport Climbing. DiGiulian doesn’t just participate in the sport; she dominates.  She’s a 3-time US National Champion and was undefeated in the Junior Continental Championships from 2004-2010. She’s also the reigning Pan-American champion and is currently a member of the US Adult National Team.

Climbing is an incredibly technical sport. One cannot just jump onto a rock face and ascend to the top. They must study it and plan their route; looking for every crack and crevasse they can dip their fingers into in order to grab hold. There is a full on rating system, judging the difficulties of each climb. Scores of information must be taken into account but in the end, it’s all about ascending to the top.

I don’t want to say Sasha DiGiulian is a pioneer in the sport for women; she’s a pioneer in general. She can climb faster and longer than most men and I’m assuming she has an even stronger handshake. I feel as if we have only seen the beginning of what Sasha DiGiulian is capable of, she will only continue to get better at the sport she already dominates. What’s next for DiGiulian? I’m not sure; perhaps she will go out to lunch with me in the city. We would casually dine on the finest of sandwiches New York has to offer.

Sasha, call me. (@Stingy_Landlord)