Happy Birthday America

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Bald eagles, George Washington, Stephen Colbert, hot dogs, what more is there to love about America? Tomorrow marks one of the greatest holidays our nation celebrates. A day of honoring and celebrating the thirteen colonies gaining their independence from England back in 1776. We celebrate by doing things Americans do better than all other people in the world. There will be cookouts, fireworks, beer drinking, fishing, boating, music, and you better believe short sleeve button down shirts will be worn.

I love the 4th of July; in fact I will go out on a limb and say it’s my favorite holiday. Sure the holidays in December are nice and all, families get together and give each other gifts. However, you’re trapped inside for the weather is frigid. Also, what good is drinking a cold beer with the family when its 3 degrees outside? Tomorrow the cookouts across the nation will feature beef on top of beef, which will then be wrapped in bacon. Pasta salads will be covered in mayonnaise while beers are consumed by the case. July 4th gives everyone a chance to get the day off from work and enjoy some summer fun.

I for one cannot think of a more fun thing to celebrate. My mind has been ethnocentrically programmed to love America more than anything else. I get to celebrate how great we all are and the rich history our country holds. Think of the activities we have the privilege of doing just because we’re American. We get to read the national addition of USA today. We drive inappropriately loud and obnoxious trucks. We have the option of shooting our own dinner entre, and if we fail, do not fret for we can buy an entire meal at McDonalds for $1.

I hope you all get out of the house and do the most American thing you can think of. Or at least take a moment to appreciate what our ancestors did to give us a reason to celebrate our freedom. So post up on a lawn chair and relax, drink a beer and gaze upon the fireworks, you’re an American and you’re great.