How To Roadtrip Alone

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Your friends have gone to the movies or are working in the office or something lame like that. You have this certain lurching desire building inside of you. There is a faint whiff of pine air freshener in the air, but you can’t discern the source of it. Your hands are clenching. You start pacing around. Then it hits you…roadtrip. So you’re friends are busy, so what? Who says you can’t take a roadtrip by yourself. I used to do it all the time back in college. It lets you let your crazy out. Go on an adventure. It’s good for the soul. But I don’t want you hurting yourself on you first try. Here are some tips on how to roadtrip alone:

1. Never Doubt the Radio
Everyone is always going on about making a mixtape for everything they do (I know nobody makes tapes anymore). An Ipod is good, but it’s stuff you’ve already heard. On nice long roadtrips, it helps mark the passage of time and space to tweak around with the radio. You’ll find some station that you really love, cruise on it for a while, and then it’ll fuzz out because you’ve moved past the field of reception. Then you have no choice but to find another station. You’ll discover music you’d have never given a second thought to before. If you’re one of those people who goes around not liking Country music, take a roadtrip by yourself and tell me you don’t like Country. It can’t happen.

2. Consider Bringing Protection
This one isn’t mandatory, but some strange things can arise on the road. And I mean protection in both ways. You never know what you’ll find at those truckstops (other than the greasiest most fattening and delicious fried steak you’ll ever have, you know you’ll find that). That’s why it’s best to have a gun in the glove box and a little something extra in the back pocket/purse.

3. Sing and Talk to Yourself
If you don’t do this one, than you’re missing out on half of the reason to take a roadtrip by yourself. Get crazy. Learn new things about yourself. As a side note, it’s always great to bring a tape recorder (I know nobody makes tapes anymore). You’re going to generate some great content, and a recorder will help you keep it.

Enjoy the ride!