How To Throw The Perfect Cookout

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David is new to the neighborhood. He wants to throw the perfect cookout in order to mingle with his neighbors. In the past, David failed to build relationships with those who lived nearby. They felt that he kept to himself; they felt he was a real hermit crab.

“Not anymore” David said aloud to himself.

Here are some tips to throwing the perfect cookout and impressing your neighbors.

1. Music
There needs to be some good summer music playing. Pick a solid Pandora station so you don’t have to take on the role of DJ the entire time. Ensure that your sound system can be heard both inside and outside; however, adjust the volume so it is not overbearing.

Pandora station suggestions for an older crowd: Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown Band.

Pandora station suggestions for a younger crowd: Chief Keef, Gucci Mane

2. Backyard games
Set up some classic backyard games to play. Some games everyone likes to play are ladder golf, cornhole, and polish horseshoes.

3. Ambiance
People do not need to be blown away by the ambiance and décor of your backyard. However, it should make them feel like they’re at a festive occasion. If this cookout is for the 4th of July, you better get the red, white, and blue theme going.


4. The food
Of course there needs to be some burgers and dogs on the grill to take those taste buds on an adventure, but do not underestimate the power of the sides. I’m talking about the pasta salads, the fruit bowls, but most importantly, the chips. I want to see some chips on that table; I want to see those chips being dipped in the greenest guacamole ever made. Don’t skimp out on the sides!

5. Fully stocked cooler
The point of a cookout is to mingle with your neighbors and friends. Drink some nice beers and have a stellar conversation. Fully stock that cooler with drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so you can ensure each guest is refreshed.

David, I’m trying to help you. I want you to have a better experience and make some friends in your new neighborhood. Each guest that comes to your barbecue is going to leave fully satisfied. One last tip, leave a big book on a table somewhere where your visitors will see, place a bookmark midway through it. I think it would be best if your guests felt that you were an intellect.