How To Travel Safely

Top 5 Websites Similar to Best Buy Apps & Websites for travelers Where to go If you can’t decide where to travel, do a little bit of search so you can have a great travel experience, Gadling has information of almost every city in the world with hotels, food, art, flights and news; This website can definitely help you choose a city to visit and keep you updated while you are visiting. If you want more specific information of a country or area search for cities to visit in the United States or Argentina for example. Flights Now you can search for flights in the famous search site Google with Google Flights (you can download the app) using this app you can compare rates between airlines and the best dates and times for you to travel. Expedia is a website where you can search for your flight, hotel, cruise and car (all in one site) so is Kayak. Download Flight View app to check your flight every moment. Transportation Either you are traveling alone or with companion you need to be sure you have transportation already booked, it’s really common you arrive and you’ll find transportation inside the airport but most of the time they surely are expensive. Here you’ll have a lot of options: at you can rent a car to drive around the city or country you choose to visit (Waze is a traffic app that can be useful). You can also booked private transportation with Shuttlewizard (website only in the U.S.) or can use Uber (open the app if there’s service in your destination).The other way to transport is by using the public transportation (be careful, in not always safe), look if the city you are visiting has an app for that, for example, Golaapp shows you public and private transportation in the city of Los Angeles. Hotel In Kayak or Expedia you can do it at the same time you are buying your flight ticket. Sites and apps such as and shows you the hotels available all around the world in case you didn’t booked this at the same time you bought your flight tickets. Tripadvisor can also help easily, plus, you can read reviews! Where to go Spotted by locals is a website and app with local people reviews of best places in town, including parks, restaurants and other interesting places. Yelp is also a wonderful way to find all type of business around you. If you are looking for specific places, like where to eat, you can download Urbanspoon to your phone and check for restaurants and reviews real fast. As a traveler It’s really important to be prepared and technology has given us the chance to be even more prepared! Here are other useful apps when you are traveling: The world clock pro app can help you with times, Packing Pro is another amazing phone application that allows you to do lists for every type of trip and won’t let you forget a thing! Another great app to have in your phone when you travel is Touchnote (to send postcards to your love ones). Clapway

So you’re going on a fun-filled adventure wrought with excitement, peril, and beauty. You may travel to the exotic or familiar. You may travel by automobile, plane, train, or foot. Whether you’re in it for the journey or the destination, nobody likes being put between a rock and a hard place, you want your itinerary to be fulfilled without a hitch.

Here are some tips on how to travel safely:

1. Watch your back

My mother would always tell me this. She never felt I had my own best intentions in mind, and, admittedly, I’m a bit of a space cadet, so she’d constantly worry that I wasn’t watching my back. It’s important to keep your wits about you. Speaking as someone who has been mugged at gunpoint, I know how quickly you can go from being lost or unfamiliar to being in mortal danger. That was an adventure, but not the type anyone wants to have. Everything can be replaced, a human life is much more valuable than his or her possessions, but some things can’ be replaced when you’re traveling — don’t lose your passport when traveling internationally. Always stay with your group and protect each other, and keep the items you need to survive the trip close at hand or in a secure and accessible place.

2. Remember Your Brain Is A Computer Too

It’s great that you have a fancy smartphone that you can bark directions at and it will obey your every whim, but it isn’t as reliable as you are to yourself. Study maps and directions to plot out your adventure beforehand, and try to memorize them. This will allow you to enjoy the sights you came to see rather than have your head glued to a screen, not to mention you’re less likely to attract undesired attention now that you aren’t flashing around a shiny gadget.

3. Trust No one

I don’t just mean to be worried about kidnappers and bloodthirsty crooks. We all know stranger danger. I also mean it in the lighter sense. If someone gives you directions or where to travel to for this or that, there may have been a misunderstanding in communication on your part or theirs, even if you speak the same language. Take everything with a grain of salt, and get a second opinion whenever possible.