How to Travel on a Tight Budget

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David longs to see the world. There is much he has yet to do in life and his bucket list remains unchecked. He has grown tired of talking about the idea of traveling and wants to be true to his word.

“Enough is enough, it is time to go on an adventure.” He says aloud to himself.

He glances at his bank account to find that his funds are dangerously low, however, this is not going to stop him. David is far too determined and he wont let his dwindling bank account keep him from living his dreams. He must find a way, a way to travel while spending a minimal amount of money.

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Here are some tips on how to travel on a tight budget:

1. Plan ahead
It is imperative to plan your adventure thoroughly before your departure. By planning you can find the areas where food and hotels are cheapest and avoid unnecessary spending.

2. Avoid mainstream and tourist attractions
Sure it’s okay to see a couple of the legendary sites, but you should also travel off the grid a bit. Tourist attractions make money off tourists by ramping up the prices of everything. Do you want a churro at Disney World? $12. Would you like some water so you do not perish from dehydration? $30. See what the new area truly has to offer and experience an adventure the way fewer have done in the past.

Note: Do not become the “unsightly tourist” wearing a baby blue visor, an oversized camera strapped around their neck, a tight horizontal striped polo and high white socks.

3. Use public transportation
It may be difficult if you’re in a new location, especially if the area speaks a different language. However, public transportation such as the bus or subway would save you a ton of money. A 3-mile cab ride in a busy area could cost you $20! That is money wasted.

Feeling confident, David has finished packing his bags. Low funds are not going to keep him from this adventure. He zips up his fanny pack and exits out the front door, but not before taking a look back at his friendly condo.

“See you on the other side.” He says dramatically to his home.