The Right of Way

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It’s the morning routine. You wake up, roll out of bed into the bathroom, pick up the toothbrush and scrub those pearly bricks you call teeth. You glance at your physique; no, it is not the poor bathroom lighting that has made you look so unfortunate. It appears that by sprinkling cheese filled olives to liven up your salad has backfired and you have put on a couple pounds.


You glance out the window to see the urban landscape that you call home. You see cars spewing exhaust and factories blowing out puffs of black clouds, both of which are contaminating your precious air. It is then that you realize the opportunity that lies before you, the opportunity to lose weight and go green; you’re going to buy a bike.

Adventure Showreel 2013

A bike is a brilliant way to adventure through the city. People all around the world choose this method of travel because it’s cheap, it’s effective, its “green” and it’s a great way of staying in shape. However, the city is a crowded place and the roads are a constant battle for the right of way. It can be unsafe if not done properly; here are some tips for your adventure on a bicycle.

1. Don’t be timid.
You have a bike now; this puts an immediate target on your back. First off, understand that everybody hates you. If you were to place Gandhi on a bicycle in the city, people would dislike him too, do not take it personally. Stand your ground, ride confidently, get in the lane for cars and cruise with the flow of traffic.

2. Lock it up
Each bike you see in the city has an expiration date. It will be stolen at some point unless properly locked. Don’t leave it outside at night and always lock it in an area with constant flow of traffic. Spend the extra $20 and invest in a lock that cannot be picked or cut through.

3. Bring extra clothes
If your adventure is taking you to work, do not bike in your work clothes. You may become incredibly sweaty. Also, bring a stick of deodorant to prevent your inevitable stench.

4. Wear a helmet
Yes helmets do look stupid. I understand that you know how to ride a bike, however, you cannot predict the behavior of others. All it takes is one wrong turn and you could damage your brain permanently.

It’s time to saddle up and head out on your adventure through the city, you’re ready. When you show up to work helmet in hand the ladies and gents will take notice, this is the new you, and you’re awesome.