How To Mini Golf Adventure Bonanza Style

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You don’t need to go deep into a forest or high on a mountain to have an adventure. An adventure can be small, an everyday sort of adventure. And what’s a better thing to do than to play a game of mini golf? Everybody likes mini golf. Mini golf courses come in every shape and size, and represent every walk of life all around the world. You don’t have to travel to Egypt to see a great pyramid, just find a pharaoh themed mini golf course. Some people think traversing the Amazon is an extreme adventure, but I say they’ve never tried to spin a little colored ball between plastic trees and over a gutter with a serious switchback into a small hole. And you can’t just mini golf any old way. You’re going to want to mini golf adventure bonanza style.

Rhythm and Booms

Here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Obstacles Are Your Friend
You can’t just directly aim for the hole. If your ball doesn’t bounce off something, where’s the fun in it? Luckily mini golf courses have recognized the importance of hitting things with your ball and often design their courses where the best strategy in approaching the hole is to indeed bounce off a bunch of obstacles.

2. Cheat When No One Is Looking
Nobody likes it when you call mulligan or redo. That’s why you do those things when they’re not paying attention. It could be as simple as a toe tap to give you that extra inch.

3. A Good Offense Is A Good Defense
If your opponent is better than you or closer to the hole than you, the best thing you can do is to screw them over. Like you would in croquet, set their ball flying. Of course when you do this you can’t be sure where your ball will end up either, but that’s half the fun.

4. Actually Keep Score
Playing mini golf adventure bonanza style is all about the whackadoo and the giddies, but it still is a competition. If you don’t keep score, than there is no winner and no shamed losers.