3 Tips on How To Spend the Last Day of Your Life

My friend once took me on an adventure through Burlington, VT, boasting that he would give me the best day of my life before killing me. Now, if I could pick any place from around the world to spend my last day of my life, it wouldn’t be Burlington, and perhaps that’s why I’m still here today. I would travel to some great monument of Earth, like the Swiss Alps and have an adventure in the mountains. And as far as an adventure goes— getting a delicious burger and sitting on a cliff edge—his wasn’t very thrilling or even adventurous.

So, for all of you with friends like mine, here are some tips on how to spend the last day of your life:

1. Your Setting Needs Flare
The backdrop of your final day must be as miraculous as you are. If you’re not all that special than it should stand as a testament to all the greatness you hoped to achieve. There are places in the world that exist as special gems. For some it is a place they have only heard in stories and seen in pictures. For others it is a place that was the setting for a special memory. For others still it is the warmth and comfort of their front porch. No one wants to die in the bathroom on the toilet unless it is the very same toilet that Elvis croaked on.

2. This Final Adventure Needs Action
There is nothing wrong dying doing the same thing you do everyday if what you do is what you love to do. This probably isn’t your commute to work, but it may be racing down a windy road. If you’re the kind of person who chose to die in a rocking chair on their front porch, making fly tackle for fly fishing, there’s nothing wrong with that, although I’d think you’d prefer to die whilst fly fishing and the dam broke and you drowned or a great white shark got in the river somehow and ate you.

3. Don’t Worry About Your Remains
Many people don’t want to be a burden on their friends and family, especially in the arrangements surrounding their death. You may be inclined to desire free falling to your doom by jumping off something beautiful like the Eiffel tower, but won’t because you don’t want your loved ones to see you as a puddle or live knowing that you jumped. People of all cultures all around the world have a difficult time coping with death. However, death is a part of life, and some of us want to go out the same way we lived our life. It isn’t more wrong or right to die by being eaten by a bear, fallen in battle, or shot out of a cannon. As long as death doesn’t take you in a way that you weren’t prepared for it to, than it is an honorable death that wasn’t met before your time.

While this tips article has taken a few dark turns from where it had started out toward, I hope that it was met in jest, and perhaps turned your head gently enough to allow you to reassess how you feel about death.