Brad Keselowski Faces Danger Both On and Off The Track

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Most of us use cars to travel, but people like Brad Keselowski use them to race. Brad Keselowski is a racing celebrity for his performance on the tracks of NASCAR, and just off of them. Racing cars is always an adventure into the dangerous and unknown, but while Brad’s driving can smooth and flawless, it’s his trackside celebrations that are often the adventure into the unknown.

As risk-takers, the last kind of adventure extreme sport athletes want to take is a trip to the hospital, but when their injury occurs during their celebration, it’s a little funny. Brad Keselowski recently cut his hand open while trying to break open a champagne bottle to celebrate his victory, leading to him getting four stitches. Out of all the dangers from all around the world, champagne ranks pretty low, even for NASCAR drivers. The event led to his crew chief joking with him on his latest race to be sure wear gloves in the victory lane.

So how does Brad Keselowski, a man who only seems to succumb to danger off the track, respond to having some bad luck celebrating? He’s a risk-taking racer through and through, meaning he isn’t ever going to drop the risk and not go full force. After sweeping at confetti plastering his trusty car, he hoisted a delicious looking 20 pound Lobster named Loudon high and proud. If there’s anything more dangerous than broken glass, it’s lobster claw. But that didn’t stop Brad, transfixed and taken in the golden gleam of victory, and perhaps the Racing Gods were smiling upon him, for he celebrated without so much as a knick or scratch.

The lobster is named Loudon because that’s the name of the town where the New Hampshire Motor Speedway is that the race took place in. His victory there on Sunday has secured him in the running for winning the Sprint Cup series, which he won in 2012. His hand injury is clearly not a problem for him as the weekend on a whole was good as he won the Nationwide series on Saturday. He is currently tied with Jimmie Johnson at the head of everyone else for the Sprint Cup series.

Brad Keselowski doesn’t believe that his life of risk and adventure should be confined to the racetrack, he believes the answer to putting an end to these celebration mishaps isn’t to not celebrate, but to practice more by winning more. This proves without a doubt his go-get-’em attitude, which makes him such a fierce competitor in the world of NASCAR. Here at ClapwayTV, we know to be on the lookout for this guy.