Brunette perishes, Dylan Ferguson to blame?

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Dylan Ferguson is at the top of his game competing in one of the most extreme sports the world has to offer, Freestyle Aerial Skiing. He has had a largely successful career, however, like all athletes he has experienced his fair share of ups and downs. You have to admire his fight for he hasn’t let occasional misfortune derail his pursuit of dominating the aerial competition.

  1. You’ve accomplished so much in aerial skiing, are there any dreams that you’re still chasing? 

    Yes, in life you always have to have goals and dreams that you are chasing. Currently I am going back to school to finish my Communications Degree at Westminster College. As I have been a competitive skier for many years it has been difficult to get my schooling finished. So school is at the top of my list now. After that I am really excited to get out into the real world and get a job. To most people this is terrifying but for me is seems like an amazing adventure.

  1. Aerial skiing is intense. Why did you choose that form of skiing as your niche?

    When I grew up skiing I skied all disciples of the sport of freestyle skiing: Aerials, Moguls, Ballet, Slope style and half pipe. As I grew older I began to show talent in Aerials. I always loved flipping and twisting and making the most fun of them with my friends and teammates. As I continued my aerials career I always stay true to my roots as I would rip up the park and pipe whenever I could the chance. Mostly I just always wanted to be out on the hill having a good time.
  1. Missing out on the Vancouver Olympics back in 2010 because of appendicitis must have been tough. However, was giving the spot to your good friend Scotty Bahrke a good compromise? 

    For sure missing the Olympics was a huge bummer but giving my Olympic dream away to my Best Friend Scotty was a great feeling. There are not many people in the world that can say they gave their best friend the dream that had always wanted to achieve. 

  1. What is next for Dylan Ferguson? 

    I plan on finishing school within the next year as well as continue skiing. I plan on bringing many of my aerials skills to the park and backcountry. You will most likely find me this season filming a banger segment with 4bi9 media and having fun on the mountain. I want to encourage the youth of the world to get out and play and do what they love and love what they do.

Getting to know Dylan Ferguson a bit better.


  1. What is your greatest fear?

    As like most people I don’t like spiders or snakes but to be real I really hate eating with big spoons!
  1. Who is your biggest rival or toughest competitor? 

    Probably myself. I would tell my coach every season that I didn’t care who I beat or what place I got at any competitions but that I just wanted to have fun and compete the best I can. I always want to excel in my skills and always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

  1. What is your favorite trick to land? And what does it consist of?

    Double Full Full Full. Quadruple twisting triple backflip on skis. The feeling is similar to a roller coaster. Once you nail the takeoff you are just cruising through the air until you stomp your feet on the ground. There is no better feeling than stomping this trick and riding away with a little SWAG. (Not many people besides myself have the SWAG part down yet)
  1. If you were not skiing for a living, what would your professional career be? 

    I would probably be a beach bum, who finds random jobs around town to make money. I love spending time near the beach and I hope that one day I will have a successful job on the coast.

  1. You’re the newest addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why? 

    Grey. It is always in style and you can never go wrong with some grey.

  2. A blonde and a brunette are clinging to the edge of a cliff. Both of which have extremely           average personalities. You can only save one, who do you save? 

    The blonde. My girl friend Hanna is blonde and the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She is clumsy sometimes so it is most likely her on the cliff and I will always be there to help her out when she needs it. Sorry Brunette, no offense…


Dylan has had a life-altering amount of success in his sport; however, he remains true to his roots, that is a quality you have to admire. There you have it, the real Dylan Ferguson; competitor, spoon hater, and wise philosopher. We would like to thank Dylan for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him good luck on his future endeavors!