Hunter Schleper: King of the Wake

Hunter Schleper is an all around extreme athlete. He travels the country in search of prime locations on the mountain and places to wakeboard. He’s a fighter, battling back from tough injuries requiring months of rehab. Most importantly, he’s an all around chill guy that’s just trying to have fun in life.

  1. What steps are you taking to improve your game on the wakeboard and on the mountain?  

Lately I have been working on finding new crazy zones and creative lines!! For example taking the snowmobiles deep into the mountains or finding urban wakeboard spots all over the country!

  1. What your experience like being coached by Bruce Knoepel?

It was good!  He was my coach for my entire life as a ski racer.  It’s nice to work with the same coach over your career. You’re not getting all sorts of random advice.

  1. You have suffered knee injuries in the past. Due to the injuries, have you had to change the way you approach skiing and wakeboarding?     

I suffered quite a few injuries right in a row which caused me to be classified as “too injured to compete” by the US Ski Team (which I wasn’t). When they told me that, I wasn’t worried at all! It gave me the biggest and best opportunities in my life! I now have been traveling the world skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, dirt biking and every other sport I can imagine! Sometimes the “worst case scenario” can become the best thing to happen in life!!

  1. What is next for Hunter Schleper?

I’m currently in Minnesota at my lake house wakeboarding and filming for a new movie with @bigwatabproductions. I will head back to Colorado in the fall to continue with the snow adventures!

Getting to know Hunter Schleper a bit better:

  1. Who is your role model?  

2x X games Gold Medalist Dan Brisse. He grew up near me in Minnesota and lived with me his senior year of high school in Vail, Colorado

  1. What is your greatest fear?   

The only thing to fear is fear itself!

  1. If you had to pick one, Winter or Summer?  

I cant pick… both are the most righteous things on the planet!! All winter I get to explore the Mountains and Summer I’m Living on a Lake!

  1. Who is your favorite person to follow on twitter?

Rastafari Movement 

  1. If you never participated in any extreme sports, what would you be doing for a living?  

Ummmmm…… I would assume that id go to college and get an office job… Live the typical life.

      10. A blonde and a brunette are clinging to the edge of a cliff. Both of which have extremely average personalities. You can only save one, who do you save?  

I have to say brunettes! My girlfriend is brunette ;)

It’s good to see someone showing the brunettes some love. I’m a fan of the way Hunter lives his life, traveling from place to place and doing the extreme. You have to admire the way he fought back from those tough injuries, taking it in stride and looking at the situation optimistically.