Daniel Wedemeijer Chooses Brains over Beauty

Daniel Wedemeijer is a passionate BMX rider. It’s a sport that the pros participate in for more than the money. It’s about the relationships that are built and the thrill of life behind the handlebars. It started out simple, a boy wanting a new bike. It soon became more than that as his skills improved.

  1. What was it like participating on Nitro Circus? Would you do it again?

Riding the Nitro Circus shows is something different than just riding BMX. It’s an action sport “family” which brings you the most insane show you will ever witness. Being part of this family is unbelievable. The vibe of thousands of people in the arenas is crazy to be riding for. I can’t wait to get on board again for another Europe tour.

  1. I’m an East Carolina grad; I noticed that you recently rode in Greenville, NC. What was your most memorable experience in Greenville? Did you get a chance to eat at Sup Dawgs?

I really enjoy being in North Carolina especially Greenville and Raleigh. Greenville used to be called “Pro Town.” This because world’s best BMX riders somehow all came together in this little city to practice their skills at the Animal House BMX Park. I used to go here as well for riding with a good friend and X- Games champion Daniel Dhers. He ran the Animal House for a couple years and decided to move the whole thing to Raleigh, NC. I think for me the best thing about Greenville/ Raleigh is just being with friends from all around the world for riding BMX. Somehow neither one of them ever took me to Sup Dawgs so I guess I’ll have to go back soon for that…

  1. Red Bull loves to sponsor extreme athletes and raise the stakes at their competitions. What does the Red Bull sponsorship mean to you?

Having Red Bull as a sponsors was a thing I could only dream of. Since June 2013 they got me on the team and it’s amazing what they already have done for me. Of course they support me with the can, which helps me a lot during riding. On the other side, Red Bull is also helping me out with almost everything you can think of.

  1. You’ve had an incredibly successful career, what is next for Daniel Wedemeijer?

I have been at many places and contest but there is still a lot to see and reach. My dream has always been to get an invite for the X-games. Also there are a lot of places I still want to go for riding like Woodward.

Getting to know Daniel Wedemeijer a bit better.

  1. What is your greatest fear?

Not being able to ride BMX anymore.

  1. Who is your biggest rival or toughest competitor?

I never had one or will have one. The best thing about BMX Freestyle is that we are all really good friends.

  1. Favorite trick to land? Toughest trick to land?

My favorite trick must be footjam. I can do them all day on everything. Last year during the Nitro Circus show in Antwerp, Belgium I landed a 720 tailwhip this was a real tough one haha.

  1. Cabin in the woods or a studio loft in the city?

Studio loft in the city! Love the city!

  1. What meal is your specialty to prepare in the kitchen?

Pasta for sure!

10. Would you rather be incredibly handsome but dumb or incredibly smart but ugly?

Damn… That’s a hard one. I would say incredibly smart but ugly.

      11. Any last words?

I would like to thank you Greg for the interview, and of course all my sponsors Red Bull, Gloryfy Unbreakable, TSG, Paul’s Boutique BMX Shop, SMCAA and BRAAAB.

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I’d have to say I agree with Daniel in that I too would rather be incredibly smart but ugly. This guy is a hell of a rider, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a part of the X-Games family. Until then, I look forward to checking out some of his highlights with Nitro Circus, which may very well be the most extreme sporting event currently touring. I would like to thank Daniel for taking the time to answer my questions, good luck in your future endeavors!