Hunter Schleper: Words from the Wise

We at ClapwayTV like to ask our celebrity athletes to provide our audience with some tips and guidance. It’s always interesting to see how their opinions differ from other athletes that are in similar positions.

1. Falling while wakeboarding or skiing is inevitable, for the beginners out there, how do you conquer the feel of falling and getting hurt?
Well it is the name of the game… especially if you’re trying to progress.  Im not to sure I have yet to conquer the whole falling or getting hurt yet…. It sucks

2. What 3 places do you recommend all wakeboarders travel to before they die?
Big Watab Lake, Lake Powell, Orlando Watersports Complex

3. What traits do you feel are important to possess in order to be successful in life?
Ambition, Creativity, Positivity, and the most important Happiness!!

4. For those who are searching for a new look, how do you maintain those dreadlocks?
Well it all started at my friend’s house… I got his mom to spend 5 hours dreading it initially. Now I spend a little bit of time everyday using a “dread” tool to keep them tight!

Words from the wise.  I take Hunter’s opinion’s and tips to heart just because of where he is at in his life. It seems as if he seizes each day, taking advantage of the sunlight and not wasting a single minute. Perhaps I should follow his lead instead of binge watching entire seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix.