Words of Advice from Olympian Marcel Hirscher

Listen up people; these tips are from fierce skiing competitor Marcel Hirscher. He’s a World Champion, Olympian, and an overall good guy.

1. Falling while skiing is inevitable, for the beginners out there, how do you conquer the feel of falling and getting hurt?
Falling is no problem, as long as you get up again.

2. For our readers, what are three traits they should possess in order to be successful in life?
Love, strength of purpose, humor.

3. What are the top 3 mountains that all skiers should experience before they die?
Oh, there are definitely more than 3, for example Arlberg in Austria, Zermatt in Switzerland, Whistler in Canada and so on…

4. For the inexperienced, how do you ask someone out on a date?
Not someone but “the one.” Think about a really romantic tonality: “Laura, wanna go out with me tonight?” My success rate is 99%! ;‐)

Marcel Hirscher defines success. He has accomplished so much in his sport and he is only 25 years old. There is a long road ahead of him, he harnesses the ability to break records and make history in his sport, this will not be the last time you read of the name “Marcel Hirscher.”