How to Turn Your Day in the Office Into an Adventure

Sitting in the office all day will certifiably drive you insane soon enough. You crave excitement. You crave adventure, but the most adventure you’ve had in the last couple of days was when your coworkers coaxed you out of the house to go to the bar. You took a sip out of your friend’s cocktail. You were feeling a little risky that day.

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Filming in Caicos

Now, it’s 11 o’clock in the morning and you have been staring at a blank spot in the wall for the last half hour – that happens. Here’s how to spice things up at the office:

1. Turn your garbage bin into a basketball hoop.
If you’re really that bored, the garbage bin will be an immense source of entertainment for you. Think of yourself as Kobe or Shaq. Be your own cheerleader too. Crumple up all of your unneeded papers and shoot from every position/distance possible. Two points for half-court shots, three for across the room ones.

2. Set your screen saver.
You haven’t accumulated enough vacation days yet to actually travel, so why not go around the world from the comfort of your own cubicle? Set your screen saver to somewhere idyllic – maybe an island off the coast of Hawaii? Under the sea in Puerto Rico? Who needs plane tickets when you have an adventure right on your screen? Get lost in your screen saver and daydream for a bit instead of staring at that blank wall. At least this moves.

3.  Pep-Talk
Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to make the time past faster. This is when you need a little pep-talk. Head to the bathroom, splash some cool water in your face and cheer yourself on. Just one hour until the day ends. You look handsome today, beautiful. Oh, that report you have to do? You’ll nail it. Then slap your cheeks a couple of times, make one lap around the office and return to your cubicle with a renewed spirit.

Follow these tips and you’ll make it through the day. I believe in you, champ.