For Olympic Medalist Kelly Clark, Less is Always More

Kelly Clark makes snowboarding look like a walk in the park. At only 30 years old, she has already conquered four Olympics and is currently the most decorated snowboarder of all time. The path to get there, however, hasn’t always been easy. In the face of many obstacles, Kelly offers her tips on how to come out on top:

1. Preparing for something as big as the Olympics must be mentally draining. How do you recommend staying focused throughout the season?
There’s this quote I like: Design, with the end in mind. I always set my goals and then work my way backwards. I think having those big picture goals help you out day to day. So if I say, I want to go to the Olympic games, and I don’t feel like going to the gym that day – I can go whenever I want to go – it gets me up, off the couch and to the gym.

2. Do you have any pre-game rituals you can share with our viewers that help you perform better?
I always listen to music when I snowboard. It’s nice to be able create my own environment. It also protects me from people’s opinions that can throw me off during the day. So I’m usually, head phones in, in my own little land so I can focus on what I want to do.

I see that a lot of snowboarders actually listen to music while they are competing. Do you do that?
Yes, I do!

What’s on your playlist?
I’m one of those people who gets a new CD and then just plays it out. So I might listen to it for like 3 weeks, but it changes a lot. But during the Olympics, I usually listen to Jim Walker and a handful of other artists. I actually use it to counter my mood. So if I feel sluggish or tired, I listen to something upbeat. If I’m really nervous or wound up tight, I actually listen to something really, really mellow. I find it counters my mood a little bit.

3. Looking back, what’s one piece of advice 30-year-old Kelly can offer 18-year-old Kelly, that you can also offer us?
I would say, don’t get your identity from what you do. You can try for a very long time. You will save yourself a lot of time, if you just explore that now.

4. How should a guy go about impressing a snowboarder?
Hmm…I would say, less is more.

Thanks so much to Olympic medalist, Kelly Clark. She’s truly one of the most dominating forces in the world of snowboarding today. Don’t be too intimidated by her medals though. You heard her! Less is more.

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