Justin Reiter Wants YOU to be Successful

Someone that has worked so hard to get to where he is today, Justin Reiter is someone who has earned the right to give helpful tips. Those who feel as if they don’t need to listen are missing out. This guy knows a thing or two about the way a solid work ethic and a strong will to succeed can propel you forward in your career.

1. Many children have aspirations of becoming a professional skier or snowboarder. However, it is very difficult to follow through on. What advice do you have for those who want to pursue a career on the mountain?
Try Harder.  Never stop.  If you want to make a career as a skier or snowboarder try harder than those around you and never stop trying to improve both on and off the mountain.  Life is full of lessons and opportunities only if you are open to seeing them.  Try harder to see them and never learning.

2. What brand of snowboard do you recommend people use?
SG Snowboards

3. What advice do you have to conquer the fear of falling or getting hurt?
Injuries will happen when you are pushing the limits… you have to first accept that.  Once you accept it, you are free to move forward with the confidence that no matter the obstacle or injury you can and will overcome it.

4. What are your three favorite mountains that all skiers and snowboarders have to travel to?
Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado. Valle Nevado, Chile. Anywhere in Japan.

Wise words straight from Justin Reiter. I have faith that he will continue to succeed in the sport of snowboarding. He has the talent, but more importantly he has the mental attitude of a winner. Thank you for answering my questions and delivering tips to our audience Justin!

Photo by Visualnews.com