NudeAudio’s Super-M Will Make You The Life of the Party

NudeAudio’s new Super-M speakers can turn any dull moment into an incredible adventure. Sometimes, all it takes is the right backing soundtrack.

The Super-M is a high performance Bluetooth speaker that will redefine how you listen to music. Go on adventure after adventure with this reliable and portable gadget, set to hit the market at the close of its campaign on Kickstarter.

The amazing product features 4 full-range, neodymium drivers tightly packed on both sides of the speaker. This innovative design means that the speaker will pump out an incredible, 360º sound for up to 8 hours straight on a fully charged lithium ion battery. Don’t be fooled by its portable size (5.7″ x 3″ x 1.1) though. Using this device, your grandmother’s 80th birthday party will suddenly feel like a Hawaiian beach themed luau. Things will surely get a little bit messy, but don’t worry. Super-M’s waterproof (and sandproof!) housing and shockproof silicone sleeve will endure anything that can and will happen when grandma downs one too many alcoholic beverages.

You can thank designer, Peter Riering-Czekalla and hardware entrepreneur, Tom Dudderidge for that. In 2013, they joined forces with a team of acoustic experts and manufacturing veterans to create a product that would out perform other speakers on the market, without a sacrifice to its portability. Last summer, NudeAudio did just that by launching the MOVE Collection – a series of portable speakers that come in sizes L, M and S. Because of the popularity of M’s grab-and-go size, NudeAudio’s decided to re-amp the speakers. The result is Super-M.

Snag yours early because the growing trend has a long line of eager supporters. The product has already amassed close to 7,000 backers on Kickstarter, as well as over $700,000 in funding, despite the company’s initial request for only $75,000. With 34 hours to go, the Super-M has nearly accumulated 9x the amount of funding it needs to launch the product.

So in preparation for grandma’s 81st … or for the next time you decide to travel around the world on a adventure, make sure to buy one of these bad boys for the trip. You’ll be the life of the party no matter when you end up.