Rooti CliMate Might Make Weathermen Obsolete

The weatherman is the serial liar. Yet, no matter how wrong he is, I faithfully listen to his forecasts. More than once, I set on for an adventure in a v-neck t-shirt and shorts, when I should’ve been wearing a scarf.

Thankfully, the Rooti CliMate can do what my weatherman fails to: accurately track weather. This wireless and portable device syncs your environment’s real humidity, temperature and UVI (UV rays) to your smartphone via a Bluetooth tracker.

What does this mean for us? Whether you’re an outdoor, adventure lover or a sit-at-home, adventure hater the CliMate can provide you with a plethora of benefits.

… especially if you’re into the trend of being healthy.

That’s because the environment can have a huge affect on your mental and physical wellbeing. Excessive humidity or UV exposure, for example, damages your skin and aggravates allergies. By accurately gauging your immediate environment, however, it is possible to pro-actively manage it or avoid it all together. Monitor how much sun hits your skin or keep track of the humidity levels you store your electronics in. It’s all possible with the CliMate and you have Rooti, a US and Taiwan based consumer Electronics Company, to thank for that.

The Rooti CliMate works by automatically syncing information about your environment to the CliMate application on your iOS or Android device every 15 minutes. By doing so, you will eventually have a cloud database filled with visual and statistical data of your immediate surrounding areas. Over time, the application can serve as your one stop source for weather tips and warnings, and can also potentially warn you about any locations that have hazardous weather conditions.

Now you can travel around the world, or even just outside the house, without having to turn on the weather channel ever again. All you need is this portable device for your next adventure. You’ll save yourself the embarrassment of a 1st degree sunburn on a day that’s supposed to temperate. Heck, you might even feel confident enough to go out without sunscreen…