84 People, 84 Turns: The Global Rubik’s Cube Event

An event that traveled on an adventure around the world came in the smallest package one can fit an event into, something not much bigger than your fist. Nuseir Yassin, a young Harvard graduate, went on an adventure that would prove that you don’t need a stage or even a crowd to connect people with an event; You can have individuals share an adventure without ever meeting by having them contribute something small in effort to something small in size—and do so at completely different times in completely different places—to create something big, a global event. What event? Solving a Rubik’s cube.

Nuseir travelled to 11 countries—visiting such cities as London, Moscow,Bangkok, and Jerusalem—and asked different people to make 1 move on the Rubik’s cube. The genius of this event is that many people who’ve picked up a Rubik’s cube, find it difficult to solve the toy puzzle (I’ve never solved one), but as a collective, these randomly selected people were able to solve it in 84 moves. It only took 84 people, some of whom may have never seen a Rubik’s cube before, to solve the puzzle. That’s a pretty incredible statement about the ingenuity of the human race. If every move was the perfect next move toward solving the puzzle, the number of turns would be 20 or slightly less. 84 is not too shabby considering the way in which the puzzle was approached.

Nuseir filmed the whole ordeal, and his video already has more than 80,000 views on YouTube since being posted on Wednesday the 13th of August. He is proving himself an adventurer of the world even more so by pushing the travel trend further with his app, Onesie. The app is similar to his Rubik’s Cube project in that it shares the same ideology that everyone has something to contribute to the world.  What it does is it picks one user a day and features what they want to share to all other users. It is free and available on the apple app store.

It is clear that Nuseir’s goal is to connect people around the world to share adventures, growing a collective adventure for all to enjoy.