ClapwayTV Warning: UFOs Will Soon Invade Your Kitchen

You can now look into your kitchen cabinet to find some adventure. And no, we’re not talking about that dusty, old can of Chef Boyardee or 3-year-old wine bottle.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, artist Don Moyer loves to draw exciting and wild stories from classic science fiction, and prehistoric narratives. Included in these illustrated adventure scenes are mythical flying monkeys, giant robots, and voracious sea monsters.

What’s particularly peculiar about Moyer’s pieces are not the content, however, but their presentation: he specifically and untraditionally likes to draw these charming adventures on traditional, Blue Willow-pattern kitchen houseware plates. Our eyebrows rose, too. Images of these characters at play loom in the background of the conventional plates’ 18th century Chinese-inspired imagery. And it’s awesome.

Recently, Moyer made public his desire to bring forth a couple of more personalities to life – or shall we say, down to Earth – through his artwork. We’re talking about UFOs.

His next installment is set to feature a fleet of flying saucers invading (or simply dropping by to say hello, depending on how you feel about UFOs) the structures on the archetypal, porcelain plate. As we see it, this is a rising trend in the works.

Altogether, Moyer’s work is fun, fresh, and full of adventure. We also enjoy the addition of modern appeal to a classic style of design. It’s a strange and curious clash of two separate universes that forces you to travel to places all around the world and mind– places you didn’t even know could exist.

Moyer’s designs are versatile, too. Whether used for decoration or dinner, his pieces deliver due to the fact that the drawings are fired onto the plates at 1500 degrees to permanently fuse the image to the porcelain.

We personally think they make great gifts – hint, hint.

If all goes well, Moyer hopes to continue his series with pirates, eruptive volcanoes, tentacles, pterodactyls, the vortex of doom, and as he puts it, “a plethora of obnoxious creatures.”

Talk about dinner with a side of sci-fi.

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