As the Weather Gets Chillier Show Your #Pomfidence with these New Hats

Every adventure needs proper gear for it to be a success. With all that gear, it’s nice to have some fun and fashion to give your adventure a little flare. Kubixl wants to rehash flare into an old fashion trend, the pom hat (a.k.a. pom pom). In case you’re too cool (or not cool enough depending on how you look at it) to know what a pom hat is, it’s a winter cap that is usually made out of wool, with a fluffy ball on top. Winter caps (also popularized as beanies) are a must for any winter adventure. The pom (that fluffy ball) gives them a little extra style, something to help you stick out.

What makes the pom hats from Kubixl extra special is that the pom on the hat is removable and swappable. We live in a era of customization and personalization, especially with our accessories. To be able to swap your pom that coordinates better with what you’re wearing or how you’re feeling is a fun thing to do and a change in your outfit that will pleasantly surprise people who saw you the day before with a different pom. It’s like having a whole new hat for a fraction of the cost.

The hats are produced with quality in mind. They aren’t from the sweat shops other fashion companies may or may not use around the world; All the hats are made in Britain, and every hat is at least partially made by hand. The hats will be available come September. That’s just in time for when the cold weather hits. That way you can get a new winter hat to keep you feeling warm for any cold adventure you will be having, and it’ll be part of a new fashion trend that’ll keep you looking hot in a world of constantly desiring the new thing to stick out from the rest.

The ladies behind Kubixl, Jo and Anna, certainly don’t need a pom hat to stick out, they’re two firecrackers ready to make their mark on the world. But that’s what makes them all the cooler for being so enthusiastic about Pom hats, it’s just their thing. As they like to say, they have #Pomfidence.

If you’d love to own your own pom hat from Kubixl, or you just love that somebody is bringing a modern twist to an old fashion trend, you can support them on their kickstarter.