What Goes Vroom, Vroom and Isn’t a Motorcycle?

Who said commuting to the grocery store – or anywhere for that matter – had to be boring? Position yourself and brace for adventure with the BIKEFORCE Motorized Bicycle Trailer. The gas-powered bicycle makes trips to and from your destination the ultimate adventure, while safely securing your goods in a back compartment. It’s like a car, but a whole lot cooler.

Skip Walker, also known as New Inertia Design, had a stroke of adventure when he began to design the Bicycle Trailer in 2006. With use of new four-stroke engine technology, high strength steel, and Honda Micro4 engines, Walker has created a reliable and fast motor-bicycle that delivers speed and distance. The mobile instrument will get you to where you are going at 25 miles per hour and 225 miles per gallon, making it extremely budget-friendly. The bike also promises 600 miles of trouble free transportation. Although you can’t necessarily travel around the world, we’re still impressed.

How exactly do you work it? The engine-bicycle is controlled by a type twist grip that motorcyclists should already be familiar with, along with a convenient engine stop button. The trailer itself, which is designed to carry groceries or packages, and contains the engine, can be easily removed within minutes to ride as a traditional bicycle. The alternative between engine-power and non is especially beneficial to new bicyclists or motor-drivers that need a little bit of both to boost their self-confidence on the road with each singularly. Safe to say that whatever option you choose, you still ride in style.

Speaking of style, the bike is extremely good-looking. The steel is clean and can withstand harsh weather and road conditions. Blue accents offer a bit of attitude, while the red flag at the rear adds flare. It seems to seductively hiss, “Look at me.”

If you’re afraid of the noise the BIKEFORCE vehicle might make, there’s no need to be. The engines are as quiet as a lullaby – that won’t put you to sleep. We just hope this trend doesn’t get shut down before it even starts its engine.

The Kickstarter provides a ton of images on the 2014 protoype, as well as more specifics on Walker’s  super cool garage adventure.