Daniel Dhers is the Coolest Crayon In the Box

Professional BMX biker, Daniel Dhers, is one of the most decorated BMX riders of all time. At the age of 12, Daniel went to his first skate park and then burst onto the mainstream BMX scene in 2006 by winning the Dew Action Sports Tour. Since then, he’s been racking up one gold medal after the other, challenging the greatest park riders in the world with his masterful execution of tricks.

1. Your breakout year was back in 2006. What caused your focus, skills, and concentration to click?
A lot of practice. I rode like there was no tomorrow everyday, so when I went to the contest I was well prepared to pull my tricks. Obviously, the nerves were really hard to control, but riding felt natural.

2. Arguably one of the biggest stages in BMX biking, the X Games, features a massive crowd and ratings. How do you prepare for an event such as this in the weeks prior to the competition?
Again, a lot of practice. The will to win and the mental preparation. When you are out there, it’s time to shine and to show what you are there for. So if you really want it, you will give it your everything!

3. How did your move to Buenos Aires affect your BMX riding?
It helped quite a bit. When I lived in Caracas, there weren’t that many good riders or spots to ride, so when I moved there, I had more options and was able to learn from the riders who have been around for awhile.

4. You’ve had an incredibly successful career thus far, what is next for Daniel Dhers?
I would love to leave a legacy behind. After competing for so long, I still enjoy it, but I think there’s more I could do for the sports. With that said, I just opened my first ever Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, NC on May 3rd and it’s very exciting to see kids get started into this amazing sport!

5. What is your biggest fear?
Whatever I fear at the time I like to confront it.

6. What is your favorite pre-race meal?
Whatever my mom cooks :)

7. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses, which one would it be and why?
Speech maybe? I rather not lose any though.

8. You’re the newest addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?
Chameleon, adapt to stand out!

9. Who is your biggest rival or toughest competitor?
Myself. When I don’t feel like competing, but I want to do good. It’s a very exhaustive mental battle.

10. Would you rather listen to a song over and over again without it becoming overplayed or watch a movie numerous times without it getting old?
Music. I can’t do other things if I have to watch a screen.

Thanks Daniel! I don’t think “Chameleon” is a color yet, but maybe Crayola will eventually catch on.

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Photo Courtesy redbullusa.com