Your Next Enchanting Getaway: A Treehouse Adventure

An adventure unfulfilled: An overnight treehouse adventure was always on my mind as a young child; it was the impossible-to-reach, never-going-to-happen trip for me for 23 long years.

Until now.

Settled in the heart of Atlanta’s intown neighborhood of Buckhead is a secluded treehouse that transports you to a woodland adventure straight out of Pixar. The charming suite consists of three separate rooms, each connected by sturdy rope-bridges with romantic Christmas lights attached. Here’s a brief breakdown of the spaces in the lush fortress:

The Bedroom
Sleeping two, the bedroom includes a pillow-top double bed equipped with wheels that gives it mobility to be rolled out onto a terrace where you can enjoy a serene stream, or remain inside for solitude and peace. The bedroom also features primitive side-tables, a quaint, work-space, a timely birdcage, decadent Kilim rugs, and ethereal fairy lights that add to the bedroom’s overall relaxing essence.

The Living Room
The beautiful living room offers a lovely space to converse and unwind with its unique, vintage furnishings. Relish the 80-year-old butterfly-filled windows, antique 12-candle chandelier, comfortable seating for six, and picturesque balcony that overlooks an acre of dreamy trees. Ugh.

The Deck
Last, but definitely not least, is the deck. The deck boasts circular seating for ten and a soothing hammock that rests completely immersed in nature, beneath a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree. If the bedroom and living room doesn’t relax you, the deck surely will.

For $250 a night, guests are guaranteed free parking in owners (and married couple), Katie and Peter’s, driveway, along with complete access to a full, private, indoor bathroom at their house, which is described as a 20 second walk from the treehouse. Upon arrival, visitors are treated to a bottle of wine (yum) and a basket of delectable bites (double yum), while coffee and tea is provided each morning. And don’t worry, Wi-Fi is also included; feel free to Instagram away and make everyone back home utterly and completely jealous.

The out of sight, wooden retreat is utterly perfect if you need a quick escape from the skyscrapers and hustle-bustle of city life. So next time you need to take the edge off, don’t travel halfway around the world—just visit the ATL getaway for a trend, that I foresee, is about to catch on in other urban metropolises.