Your Bicycle Adventure Just Got Better with these Wood Grips

An adventure on your bicycle is now as comfy as it is fun with the help of Nisnas Industries’ fashionable and functional Daily Wood Bicycle Grips.

Nisnas Industries’ Yossi Levin and Max (last name withheld) co-created the wood bicycle grips to cure the ills that grips typically suffer from like material fatigue, quality of feel over time, and fastening and space for your hands on your everyday commute or Saturday afternoon adventure. Durable and practical, the grips are made out of sturdy mahogany and maple wood, both chosen for their ability to deliver on your wheel-adventure rather than their aesthetic appeal. Although, we have to admit, they are ridiculously stylish. Beyond how they look, though, is a craftsmanship that’s sensitive to details and keen on precision. The metal press fit system designed by the team includes an aluminum, custom core – drilled and tapped together to allow two brass screws to act as fasteners – that’s used to press fit the wood for a durable and elegant end product that feels undeniably smooth to hold onto. Appropriated from knife-making and gun-handling methods, the duo also created a fastening system that’s solid and compact with adjustability for different measurements in width.

Differing from other wooden grips, Nisnas Industries’ grips have a slight curve and a .015 mm increase in thickness that give them a much more intuitive, natural feel than others available in the market. The grip-gear also perfectly fits any palm, no matter the size or gender of the rider, making them a great investment if you’re looking to comfortably bike travel with amazing usability, workmanship, and longevity.

In much greater context, the Israel-based gear, launched by the 20-year veterans of the cycling industry, was also a response to the brutal violence and chaos that has recently broken out in the region. Created to inspire local Arab youth in the Israel community, wood grips’ intent is not only to offer enjoyable bicycle rides, but to stimulate positive change and spark inspiration in minds all around the world. Now that’s a trend we can hop on board – or shall we say, saddle – with.

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