Folbot Introduces the Sleek and Portable Cooper Kayak

For adventure-seekers that love to kayak, but hate the process of transporting the hefty boat, your means to adventure just got a whole lot easier.

Founded by Folbot, the Cooper Black Edition Kayak is a quality kayak that can be easily folded to fit in your backpack or tote to bring with you on every adventure you embark on. With its lightweight structure and portability, the entire boat can rest in a car trunk, plane, or simply strapped to your back all day long without breaking a sweat. Does the Cooper’s existence mean you will never have to attach your kayak to the top of your vehicle or sluggishly drag it across the ground ever again? Yes, yes, it does.

At just 29 pounds, the kayak boasts a quick and easy set-up that once experienced, can take less than 10 minutes with help from the owner’s guide and detailed assembly video on Folbot’s website. The design features a revolutionary stern tensioning device to assist with assembly, an anodized air-craft grade aluminum frame, and stainless-steel keel brackets. Other properties include an inflatable sponson chambers to increase tension, comfortable seating, deck rigging, and sturdy foot braces. The kayak basically comes with everything you need to go on your adventure – backpack included.

If you’re unsure of what adventure the boat can sustain or tackle, there’s no need to be. The Cooper is systematically built to breeze through tranquil lakes and calm rivers, as well as take unpredictable oceans head-on. Its innovative and durable craftsmanship can tackle it all, which is ideal if you’re not one for sticking to the same waters.

Also, it’s incredibly stylish. With a black external and yellow interior, the kayak looks effortlessly fashionable without compromising any of the mechanics that make it a notable and strong workmanship. It’s really a win-win situation.

Instituted as the leader in folding kayaks, Folbot makes travel easier and less of burden (literally) with the Cooper Kayak for enthusiasts all around the world. So hop on board and try the trend out for yourself by visiting the Kickstarter.