Memobottle’s Message Reads as Resourceful, Reusable, and Rad

Consumption of water is always necessary on every adventure you take on; from a hiking feat to a backpacking tour, proper hydration is constantly a requisite. Because of H2O’s demand on every adventure, there is a drawback: wastefulness. Not anymore, though.

The memobottle offers the fundamental basic that is drinking water on an adventure in a premium, eye-catching, and most importantly, reusable, design. Co-founded by Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, the memobottle is a dishwasher-friendly investment constructed from BPA-free Tritan that guarantees you a lifetime of usage and reliance.

Similar to a piece of paper, the memobottle is slim in form with sleek and smooth surfaces that allow it to comfortably lay flat or stand up. It easily slides into your favorite carry bag or backpack alongside bulky items like computers and books, and much more delicate pieces like sunglasses and headphones. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering if it’s leak-proof—and it is. The travel accessory includes a sturdy top that encloses the liquid so that you don’t have to worry about water damage on your new iPhone or latest tech-gadget.

Available in three varying measurements, the memobottle allows you to purchase the size you find most appropriate for whatever the occasion may be. The A5 size is 148MM by 210MM, while the A4 is 210MM by 279MM. The largest is the Letter model with a 216MM by 279MM dimension. If you’re out for a couple of hours, the smallest would suffice, while if you’re out for a few days at a time, the largest would deliver best.

With nearly 2,000 plastic bottles being used and discarded per second in the United States, the memobottle exposes the problem and offers a solution. Practical and ethical, the eco-aware commodity refuses to accept the aluminum and steel alternative to plastic, marking it as an environmental disaster of its own due to the massive amount of energy needed to turn raw material into a sellable, retail product.

As its Kickstarter notes, the memobottle is the perfect “balance between environmental responsibility and improved life convenience” for adventurers all around the world. Bottoms up!

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