The Adventure Tour Suit Makes You A Superhero

If the Adventure Tour Suit doesn’t make you feel like a badass, it will certainly make you look like one. Designed by the American budget bike gear brand, Fieldsheer, the jacket ($439.99) and pants ($329.99) ensemble offers riders protection from the toughest weather conditions Mother Nature can conjure up. For the avid long distance ADV rider, this means it’s now possible to cruise down the highway looking like a superhero.

The suit is made from durable 1680 denier ballistic nylon and utilizes a 500 denier Maxtena-Pro outer shell. Its abrasive-resistant material, combined with removable armor and memory foam in the shoulders, elbows, hips and back, provides you with the perfect protection in the event of a spill – this is extremely vital for those moments your face unfortunately becomes acquainted with the asphalt.

The suit is also versatile, yet durable. It has a removable and waterproof, insulating liner for the harsh winters, as well as a direct ventilation system for those sweltering, sweat-soaked summers. If you’re used to riding around in a full-body leather suit, you’ll come to appreciate this feature. The jacket’s seven vents and a breathable inner membrane allow air to move freely up the sleeves, around your body and out the back.

The jacket also has an “adjustable everything”: from a removable collar extender to velcro waist straps and cuffs. If you opt to purchase the pants as well, it’s easy to attach them to the jacket using a waist zipper and snap connectors. Additionally, they feature full-length side-zips, so you can jump in and out of your suit without having to take your shoes off.

The best feature (no matter how genius full-length side-zips are), however, are its pockets. The jacket has four exterior and interior pockets, as well as two handwarmer pockets (!). The pants also boast 5 pockets: two rear, two near the waist and one on the thigh. This gives you plenty of room to store your keys, wallet or phone.

For those of you who hate to carry around backpacks, this is a welcomed blessing. After all, you can never have enough pockets.

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