Who Needs Tour Guides, Anyway? Advlo Helps You Adventure with Locals

Experiencing a heart-racing, do-it-yourself adventure in a foreign country or unfamiliar place isn’t always an easy feat. Sure, you can aimlessly walk through trails or explore the waters on your own, but sometimes, you want – and need – structure from a local’s perspective; a knowledgeable guide that visibly lays out your options to help you choose exactly how you want to spend your limited time during your stay. In other words, you need Advlo.

Launched on August 31, 2014, the online venture is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows travelers to find and request an adventure, while also enabling locals to host and offer (for a price) exclusive adventure activities. From rafting and surfing in Costa Rica to sailing in Greece, Advlo safely mediates a connection between locals and non in order to create a much more organic experience in the host country. This also makes for an all around friendlier environment in terms of native and visitor relations, and sets up an opportunity for hosts in low-income areas to bring in extra resources.

The platform offers its patrons adventures in beautiful locations including Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Greece, and the Philippines to name a few. National excursions in the United States are also available in states like Colorado, Florida, Washington, and New York. And the options for activities are endless. With everything from photography missions to frisbee golf, to bouldering, to even safari floats—there’s something for everyone, guaranteed.

Prices are affordable, too. A kayak excursion in Miami, Florida costs $40.00, while a tour of Costa Rica’s Volcano Arenal is marked at $45.00. Multi-day retreats, lessons, and adventures are marketed higher, ranging from $200 to over a thousand.

Still finding its feet as a brand, Advlo is certainly on its way to refinement. Its CEO, Jon Maser, notes that many of the company’s improvements and changes come as a result of client feedback. Two new features that are currently in development are: Customize and Book an Adventure and the Ambassador Program. The first makes it easy for the host and traveler to customize an adventure through direct dialogue prior to booking, while the latter is an ambassador program for travel enthusiasts around the world.

From one adventurer to another, Advlo’s unofficial adventure guide for travelers everywhere is a trend definitely worth giving into.