The 3 Ingredients To An Unforgettable Adventure

Epic Adventure: (n.) A mind blowing, skip inducing, eye-opening, psychedelic undertaking that will leave you either (a) smiling, (b) amazed or (c) possibly injured. 

Okay, okay…so that’s not Webster’s “standard” definition of “epic adventure.” But here are three things you need to ensure your next adventure is certainly unforgettable:

1. Good people
Friends, family, strangers, comedians, jugglers, part-time wanders, and fulltime thrill seekers…No matter how much of a self-proclaimed loner you are, it’s always more interesting to have people near you wherever you travel or whenever you go on an adventure. That’s because we all hail from different backgrounds and have different stories to share. By connecting to someone emotionally, mentally, or even intimately, life suddenly becomes more colorful and everything takes on new life. A friend or even stranger also has the ability to make you laugh, which is something you don’t tend to do when you’re alone in public.

2. Good food
Who else gets a little overexcited during the brief seconds before your waiter approaches your table with a plate of food? I’m sure we all do because it has been scientifically proven that eating actually releases endorphins, or the “feel good chemical.” Thus, good food translates to a good time. But food is also vital for reasons other than survival. The acting of eating is actually a very social act. In this day and age, we rarely consume food solely for energy. Instead eating has become a mechanism for people to to come together in order to share a meal and catch up.

3. Good music
Have you ever listened to a song that perfectly described an emotion you were feeling – an emotion that you couldn’t convey in words? If you answered yes, then you’ve personally experienced the power of music. A good soundtrack, like a nice long shower, has the ability to drastically change your mood or enhance a mood you’re already feeling. Beats, lyrics, and melodic rhythms that come together in perfect harmony create the ideal conditions for a transcending, out of body experience. You can’t help, but to sing along, no matter how badly or off key, you know you sound.