Review: 3 Minutes of Peace

In the lightning-fast age of the 21st century where we do not have the time to simply stand and stare, peace and serenity, at times, becomes a distant dream. We are all running in the race of our lives to be ahead of others. We are always competing and coping with the situations that life presents in front of us. How many of us can have a sound sleep at night without worrying about tomorrow?

3 Minutes of Peace documents a surfer doing what he loves most—surfing. The water has a steady flow and is accompanied by a wonderful breeze as he moves through the waves, enjoying every second and moment. He curves, bends and follows the ocean current and submits himself to the pleasure. At the end of his hectic day, these three minutes of satisfaction are his most precious. He holds on to his sails and never looks weary of the water’s strong current, almost as if his time out at sea is endless. This is his peace.

The short film illustrates internal harmony and defines serenity by use of a character doing what he loves most. Peace is not only the absence of war or violence; it includes mental peace and tranquility. The backdrop of the video is shot during a spectacular sunset, thereby indicating a day’s end—a day where most work and constantly fight to survive. But as each and every day comes to a close, we all must find something that will give us some form happiness, peace, and some valued moments to free us of all tensions and worries, even if for just a few minutes.

And that’s how it should be. Whether it’s playing guitar, bird watching, writing poems—your three minutes of peace can be anything as long as you love what you’re doing. No matter what it is you choose to do, you’ll mentally fall in line with the surfer; just as in the video, the surfer feels every moment, freed and at peace by the blue waters and skies. Indeed, his time out at sea can be described as three minutes of absolute peace. Peace and nothing else.