Review: Mountain Biking in Winter

What do you generally do during a freezing winter or heavy snowfall? With the exception of romance, I think we hardly enjoy moving out of our cozy beds or our warm fireplace when it’s brutally wintry—but not filmmaker Bryan Bobo and mountain biker David Marshall.

Mounting Biking in Winter is a short video by Bryan Bobo, featuring rider David Marshall that tells audiences: Even if it’s snowing and ridiculously cold, get up, go out, and paint the town red with your bike. Bobo shows us in his film that regardless of the weather outside, the extreme can happen.

Known as an extreme sport, mountain biking involves rugged and dangerous terrains making the activity hazardous and life-threatening for riders. However, Bobo’s film shows that such risky conditions can’t stop a true adventure-seeker like Marshall from taking up a challenge—even with the added gamble of snow. Thus, Marshall and his bike bring us a wonderful and unique video of mountain biking amidst a winter wonderland. In addition, the film also showcases how Marshall prepared his bike, meticulously fixing its parts to make it completely customized.

Mounting Biking in Winter shows just how the dust flies from beneath the tires, portraying the joy each athlete experiences before, during, and after each ride. The act isn’t only about the risk or adventure behind it; it is also about the freedom, one’s passion for the outdoors, and above all, one’s love for the mountains. The ear-to-ear smile on mountain-conquering Marshall’s face tells you how happy he is enjoying every moment of the ride. It revitalizes him with energy, giving him life. The last few seconds show Mr. Marshall drinking a cold brew, completely at ease and at peace after his intense course.