This Morning’s ‘Blood Moon’ in Four Pics


Earlier this week, I made note of the year’s coming second lunar eclipse. Well, today was the day. At 6 a.m. this morning, I pulled myself up and out of bed to witness the stellar “blood moon,” and it’s with great disappointment that I admit, I did not see any shade of red. I did, however, get to view a spectacular eclipse—one of dreams. My first one, actually, so I’m not entirely upset.  Below, four pictures to relive the celestial morning.



moon4 - Clapway


Photo Courtesy of

 Do you remember the film, James and the Giant Peach? The 1996 fantasy was a bit strange, but nevertheless, completely endearing and lovable.  There’s a scene where James flies – on the giant peach with his animal friends – by a bright and overwhelming moon. This picture reminds me of that moon. The stirring image personifies the make-believe, and for me, at least, the character of James.


Moon3 - Clapway


Photo Courtesy of

Ah—so this is what I missed. I won’t lie: Though it’s beyond beautiful, jealousy fills me as I angrily peer at this image. But in the end, I know there will be two more blood moons to come to complete the tetrad (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my article on it). You better believe I’ll be camping out in my yard come next blood moon. Find me stationed in New Jersey – right across the Hudson River – for an all-nighter of terrifying man-eating raccoons, wild cats, and p.o.s.s.u.m.s. (I’ll probably be in bed missing it all over again.)


Moon2 - Clapway

Photography by Rich Condit via

 Oh look, it’s what I missed this morning nestled between pretty trees. I think it would have been more accurate to title this article, “Michelle’s Anger in Four Images.” In seriousness, Condit’s image is alluring and possessing all at once; you almost feel like you can propel yourself onto a branch and…in the words of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, “…throw a lasso around it and pull it down.”



Moon1 - Clapway


Photography by Phil Yabut via

 There were a lot of images I could have chosen for this piece, but for some reason, this one really stuck out. The juxtaposition of man and nature is exceptionally highlighted in it, and the fact that the structure is under construction makes it that much more unique. The building’s white hues lend itself to the photograph for an irresistible palette of red, white, and black—they’re not the national colors of the United States, but they do make for a pretty picture.