Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket | Gear Review

Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket | Gear Review Clapway

Before leaving to Thailand two years ago, my mother purchased Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down Jacket for me as a gift. A few days before my flight, she excitedly handed me a small rectangular pouch, which looks a bit like a closed umbrella in its sleeve. You can imagine my surprise then when she pulled out an entire jacket from the pouch.

This thoroughly impressed me, but I wasn’t convinced that the product would function as promised. First of all, it is incredibly thin and made of 100% nylon, so the jacket felt slightly flimsy and almost slippery to me. Secondly, the fact that it could fit into a tiny pouch made me highly suspicious.

Regardless, I tried on the jacket and I haven’t taken it off since.

Just kidding. But I’ve seriously contemplated doing so. The filling of the jacket is made from 90% down and 10% feather, so it is incredibly warm without being bulky. Its compact size also makes it ideal for airplane travel or hiking, etc. It took up minimal room in my luggage and was extremely easy to pack and carry around.

Although it is a little tighter fitting than other jackets and a bit short in the arms (or so I’ve heard), for the most part, it’s true to size (keep in mind, I’m 5’3’’). The jacket also fares well aesthetically, although some colors definitely work better than others (at least for me). I know this because my mother is a repeat purchaser of this product. Although she loves the dark brown shade, I prefer a lighter shade (like purple). Luckily, it comes in a variety of colors you typically do not see in jackets, so I’m sure it’s easy to find one that best suits your tastes.

Overall, the jacket has served me reliably thus far. It hasn’t shed a single feather, although I suppose over time, the fabric might degrade. I can’t state for certain, but it seems prone to ripping. Yet, with a $50.00 price tag, I wouldn’t worry too much. This product is easily a steal for a reliable and convenient jacket.