App Lets Passengers Lurk One Another Before Flight

Branded as “one-stop-app for all your travel needs,” Quicket lets you search for and book flights anywhere in the world. Now, the latest update for the mobile app takes it one step further with a Facebook seat check-in feature that lets you see who’s going to be sitting where on any given flight. Creepy or cool? We’ll let you decide.

Adding on to a buffet of other features offered by the app, which allows users to purchase flight tickets, check their flight status, and get direction to their gates via airport maps, Quicket’s “social check-in” option allows passengers to lurk their seatmates before they even get on the plane. The recent addition is fairly similar to the technology SeatID has offered airlines for quite some time. However, Quicket is structurally different in that it’s a mobile app, bringing functionality directly to its consumers, in the palm of their hands.

Granted, no one on the plane will be able to research anyone else without his or her consent. “Only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight,” a Quicket spokesperson said in a statement to the HuffPost

So if you want to be looked up, or look up others, you’ll have to check in. The app allows you to do so in three different ways: anonymously, with only your name, or with your name and your Facebook profile link. Then, as Quicket sees it, travelers should be able to scope out their fellow passengers for interesting conversation, travel tips, or perhaps even sparks. For friends or family members who are spread throughout an aircraft, you can see where everyone is situated and try to make seating rearrangements accordingly.

“Quicket’s social feature will bring an added value to my travel experience, creating a whole new way for me to meet interesting people who share my love of travel,” said co-founder Frederick Finn, a Guinness world record holder for the most air miles flown by a passenger (15 million miles to date) and the record of most supersonic passenger journeys.

And this entirely relies entirely on others on your flight using Quicket as well. So as long as other people on the plane are on it – and have OK’d the process – feel free to connect.

Bonus other features for the iOS and Android Quicket app include baggage allowance notification, 24-hour English-language customer support, advanced filters including: airline alliance, layover, and more, mobile check-in, multi-currency flight search, and frequent flyer program recognition. Phew.