The Many Sites Of The Bahrain Island

The ancient Bahrain Kingdom, the Dilmun land, is among the oldest merchant trading countries in the world. It is a beautiful island kingdom that is growing fast, with many shallow waters and silky sandbars. Moguls in the country – who have a genuine interest in developing land – have not only been creating projects like the towering Bahrain Financial Harbor in Manama, the capital city, but have also been adding to these sandbars—creating visual dynamics on the otherwise calm, plateaued coasts. If you are planning to travel to this rapidly expanding landscape during your upcoming holiday, be sure to visit the following beautiful attractions.

1. Arad Fort

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Arad Fort is one of the oldest forts of Bahrain and it is historically the most significant because it was first built in the early 15th century. Nowadays, Arad Fort is the central hub of Bahrain’s military operations after being extensively rebuilt when the Omani occupied this country. The fort is situated on the Muharraq Island and the Sheikh Isa Salman Causeway joins it to the mainland. Its forecourt usually has traditional music and you can find children’s rides for your kids in its craft bazaars on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

2. The Oil Museum

The museum sits next to the Middle East’s well that is still producing the first oil and houses a working model of the oilrig, drilling equipment, and even fascinating exhibits of old photographs. The inauguration of this museum took place in 1992 in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Bahrain’s discovery of oil.

3. Tree of Life

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The “tree of life” flourishes by a highway between the famous Awali and Riffa, two kilometers from the famous Jebel Dukhan. It has stood alone in Bahrain’s barren lifeless desert for over four decades. The life expectancy of this acacia tree has exceeded that of the other trees of its species by more than 300 years. This tree has also survived without using a visible source of water. It survives in a mysterious way and for this reason; Steve Martin described it as “the world’s wonder” in his film, L.A. Story.

4. AI Jazeer Beach

Locals consider Al Jazeer Beach a popular spot for them to unwind when they are not busy. This beautiful beach boasts of great facilities that include one of the island’s most picturesque shisha cafes and well-maintained barbecue services. You can enjoy a glass of wine or cold beer here with your loved ones, since it is more European as compared to all the other beaches in Bahrain.

 5. The Grand Mosque

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The Grand Mosque (Fateh Islamic Centre) is one of the most impressive sights and famous for being the largest fiberglass dome in the world. It is breathtakingly beautiful because of its Arabic design as well as exquisite architecture. This mosque does not only house the Institute of Islamic Affairs, but it can also accommodate a maximum of 7,000 worshippers. Tip: When you enter this mosque, you should cover your head, remove your shoes, and dress modestly.

Bahrain has tiny villages and towns that are still securely preserved. It has numerous fascinating spots with distinctive communities for you to explore. The aforementioned attractions make it an ideal holiday destination because you can visit and see them without spending a lot of money. Hence, you should get a Bahrain visa so that you can go and take advantage of what they have to offer—today!