Flying With The Eagles In Whistler

Have you ever wished you had the ability to fly like an eagle? What incredible freedom there would be!

I had a relative who for years used to talk of her recurring dream that she was flying around inside a domed building. She is no longer alive, but how she would have loved the adventure I am sharing with you today.

You Weren’t Meant To Be a Barnyard Chicken; You Were Meant To Be an Eagle

Some years back I was feeling, and acting, like a barnyard chicken. My life was all about keeping my head down and scratching around day by day to earn a living and survive. Every once in a while a fellow traveler in this world would glide by in freedom soaring to heights I longed to reach myself. For a while, I would get excited and start thinking that maybe I too could have that same freedom and join them in flying to the heights of my dreams. But, instead of spreading my wings, I would lower my sights, look around me and be convinced once again that I was just a “barnyard chicken” – the freedom and joy of flying wasn’t meant for me. Some of you know exactly what I mean and are nodding your head and agreeing with me. You have also settled for the barnyard experiences of life. If that’s you, take heart my friend.

One day, when I shared how I felt with my best friend, she said to me:

“Anne, you’re not a barnyard chicken. You have the heart of an eagle.”

I was in shock! I was sure that my friend was mistaken; yet my friend knew me better than I knew myself, so I began to research eagles.

The first thing I learned about eagles was that, of all birds, they fly the highest. If a storm is approaching, an eagle will give a cry of victory and begin flying into the very heart of the storm. It will then use the wind currents from the storm to help lift it up and over the storm. You will always find eagles flying on top of the storms of life.

Flying with the Eagles in Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, British Columbia, is a great place to get in touch with the eagle (whether dormant or active) within you. Whistler is not only one of the most gorgeous scenic areas in the world, but it is a year round playground of adventure for anyone who wants to learn about, and experience flying with, the eagles.

In Whistler, you will probably first want to learn about eagles up close by taking an Eagle Viewing Float Tour that lets you view eagles in their natural habitat.

Once you have seen the eagles up close it will be time for flying with them. For the experience of flying, you will want to go to one of Canada’s ziplines. There are at least two that are recommended near Whistler.

Here’s how Superfly Ziplines describes what they have to offer:

“Be a bird for a day. Why not? We’ve designed and custom-built one of the best adventures in the world. Our tour features a newly engineered and revolutionary braking system, West Coast inspired architecture and a network of paths and platforms designed to immerse you in the peace, quiet and freedom of the forest. At the top, we will get you ready to soar across mountain valleys and through old growth forests on Whistler’s most spectacular ziplines. Highlighted by Canada’s longest ziplines at well over a kilometre long and 600 feet high, you will reach speeds up to 100 km/hour as you fly through the BC backcountry.”

But, as we all know, “one picture is worth a thousand words.” That goes for a video too. If this doesn’t get your eagle spirit soaring, nothing will. You better content yourself with the “barnyard.”

The bottom line is, if you’re sick of being a chicken and want to experience what it’s like to be flying high like an eagle, start with a ziplining adventure in Whistler. Once you have experienced the adrenaline rush and sheer joy of flying high in the glorious mountain peaks, over forested valleys and deep gorges, it will transform your life forever. It’s a flying adventure of a lifetime!