An Adventurer’s Guide To Hygiene

Hygiene. It’s unfortunate when some of us forget to practice it. When it comes to adventuring outdoors, however, there’s more leeway in the spectrum of socially acceptable body odors. Still, it’s certainly difficult to properly maintain that manly beard when you’re miles away from civilization. No worries. Here are some personal hygiene tips for your next trip:

1. Hydrogen peroxide is your friend
More likely than not, you’ll probably find yourself without access to running water. No running water = dirty you. It’s simple math. To counteract this unfortunate situation, carry a bag of cotton balls and some hydrogen peroxide with you. Soak the cotton balls with it and wipe down the areas where bacteria like to grow. Yes, this means the face, armpits, feet and the, um…well, you know where. Your fellow adventurers will thank you in return.

2. Hand sanitizer is your friend
Getting dirty is one thing, but getting sick because you’re dirty is another. To kill bacteria, carry around portable hand sanitizer to use whenever you prepare food or share snacks with your buddies.

3. Skinny dipping, anyone?
If yet again, you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are without running water, head over to the nearest steam or river. Take a travel size bottle of body wash or shampoo and bathe there. Just make sure not to do so in stagnant water, since bacteria like to hang out there.

4. Don’t re-wear clothes
Although packing light means less strain for your back, you should always try to bring enough clothes to last the duration of your trip. This goes without saying, but at the very least, a few pairs of socks and underwear are essential. Don’t you even consider reversing your undies for reuse.

5. Shovels
When you’re deep in the woods without a restroom nearby, you might need to dig up your own latrine. The general rule of thumb is to dig a new hole each time you go, and make sure to cover it up when you finish your business. Try to keep at least a significant amount of distance from your campsite – at least football field away.